Enabling the visually impaired to better navigate their world.

Thea can help you get anywhere.

Need to run to the grocery store to pick up food for dinner? Want to see your favorite band perform in Central Park? What about meeting a friend at their exact location? Just ask Thea!
Hey Thea, I want to have a picnic in Central Park tonight.
Okay, it will take you about 45 minutes to get to Central Park. What time do you want to leave?
Group of men and women having a picnic in Central Park.
Hey Thea, I need to go to the grocery store later today.
Thea is able to notify you when you're near a grocery store and provide directions to bring you right to the door.
Thea, I'm going to meet Lily at noon.
Thea can provide directions to moving targets, such as meeting up with friends, and will notify you when it's time to leave.
Hey Thea, I want to go to the MoMA.
Thea will provide a detailed trip summary, taking into account the most efficient route at that specific moment.
Young man next to a subway station.
Hey Thea, where am I?
You're at the northwest corner of 72nd Street and 5th Avenue.

Thea can notify you of your exact location.

If you're feeling lost or disoriented, Thea can let you know exactly where you are. Simply say "Hey Thea, where am I?"

Thea always knows the best way to communicate.

Thea uses a combination of speech and haptic feedback so that people can understand what's going on no matter the situation.
Conversational user interface
No matter which way you say it, Thea will understand. Thea's simple voice user interface is easy to use and understand.
Vibrational/haptic output
Thea understands that it can be hard to hear in loud environments, such as the New York City subway stations, and automatically switches to vibrational feedback via adhesive shoulder pads when necessary.
Real-time data networks
Using next generation networks and granular location movement data, Thea always knows the most efficient way to get around.